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August 22, 2016
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What began, as a therapeutic hobby has now become a way of life for designer Sewra Kidane, who threads passions with imagination to create her unique take on the ancient African tradition of waist beads. Born of Eritrean and African-American decent, Sewra began making waist beads in 1999, in an effort to “pass time and clear her mind”, while mending a broken heart. Captivated by her best friends’ waist beads and wanting a set of her own, Sewra’s friend suggested she make her own… and that she did. “I taught myself how to bead. Beading came so natural for me. Like I had done it before!” she says.

Creating stretches farther than artistry beading for Sewra. A Native New Yorker, she is also an accomplished film editor, having studied Television Production at Boston’s prestigious school for communications; Emerson College, focusing on Film and Video Editing. She soon found that editing and beading went hand in hand, as one inspired the other to push forward. Waist bead designs, like edit cuts, start off as distinct separate elements that in the end come together to form a beautifully strung ensemble.

Creating the most intimate adornment a woman can wear; Waist Beads by Sewra infuses touches of Classical African Art and History, Astrology and Universal Law into each style. Sewra uses custom made beads like Adinkra and Kemetic symbols to reflect her African background. “I found that by creating waist beads, I was steady tapping into my feminine side. They were softening me up. I also like knowing that I’m wearing a secret that nobody knows or even expects, ” She says. “They are so intimate and absorb a lot of energy.”

Waist Beads by Sewra are fine crafted waist beads made with meticulous craftsmanship. A multihued palate, which yields a bold, rich and sophisticated color combination, gives Waist Beads by Sewra a very unique look and feel, setting them apart from other waist bead styles. Mixtures of various natural materials like shells, feathers, horn, semi-precious stones and precious metals like 14k Gold and Sterling Silver are carefully selected to create luxury handcrafted waist beads, bracelets and body beads. Sewra is the originator of contemporary waist beads and artistry beading, adorning Ladies since 1999. “It’s really important for me to maintain the integrity and spiritual meaning of traditional waist beads while also infusing a modern and feminine feel to my designs. I want women to know that they don’t have to be 26 years old or a size 2 to wear my waist beads because you just don’t. Be you, and appreciate your body for what it is!”

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