Making elastic Beaded bracelets

April 5, 2017
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1. Memory wire bracelets

Photos via Craftsy Members DafnaDar, Humblebeads, MelAbrahamson

You’ll need:

  • Memory wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Beads of your choice
  • End caps and glue

Making bracelets from memory wire is one of the simplest ways to create a fabulous statement piece. The wire naturally retains its coiled shape, so all you have to do is cut it to the length you want, then add whatever beads you choose.

Seed beads, gemstones, wooden beads, and shell beads are all excellent choices for this type of project. While you can certainly use beads that are all the same size and shape, it’s fun to add visual interest by mixing smaller and larger beads together and using a variety of colors.

To finish off the ends, you can form simple wire loops, which can be tricky due to the strength of the wire, or glue on end caps.

2. Elastic beaded bracelets

Photos via Craftsy members Aga Kruk, bohochic, Didora Designs

Charm BraceletsYou’ll need:

  • Elastic cord
  • Scissors

Elastic beaded bracelets may be literally the easiest type of DIY jewelry there is. Simply string any beads you like onto the cord, then tie it tightly in a knot. If you want to make the knot extra secure, you can add a tiny dab of super glue or clear nail polish.

The sky’s the limit for this type of bracelet because it all depends on the color, size, style and combination of beads you choose. Combine gemstones, metal beads and spacers, tube beads, and more to create one of a kind pieces. Make a bracelet that stands alone, or create several to stack!

  • Expandable bangle bracelet
    Charms of your choice
    Jump rings

This style of charm bracelet has become incredibly on-trend recently. Instead of paying top dollar for one in a store, create your own for less that’s actually a reflection of you. All you have to do is purchase an expandable bangle base from your local craft store or jewelry supplier (usually these cost between -). Then, find an assortment of beads and charms that mean something to you, like birthstones, initials, hobbies and other favorite things.

Wrap Bracelets4. Wrap bracelets

Photos via Craftsy members SimplyEnchanted, Daw B Designs

  • Leather cord or silk ribbon
  • Optional: beads, charms, etc.

Another popular trend is the wrap bracelet. To create this style, all you need is the wrap material of your choice, like leather cord or silk ribbon. You can dress it up by sliding on any charms or beads you like, or leave it simple. Secure it by adding a toggle clasp or just tying it in place. (See our tutorial on how to make a toggle clasp to make your own!)

5. Metal cuffs

Photos via Craftsy Members Daw B Designs, OneArtsyMama, roycecreative

  • A metal blank or piece of metal you cut for yourself
  • Bracelet bending bar or bracelet bending pliers
  • Optional: Metal stamps, texture hammers, etc.

If you feel like attempting something a little more challenging, try your hand at making a simple metal cuff. Start with a long, flat rectangular shaped blank or piece of metal. You can add texture by using a texture hammer all over the surface of the metal, and if you want to add a message you can do so with the help of some metal stamps. Shape the metal into a cuff by gently bending it on a bracelet bar or using a pair of special pliers made just for the job.

Metal cuffs braceletspin
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