Worry beads how to make?

November 11, 2015
How to Make a Masbaha
They are generally made out of an odd number of beads, and there must be room to slide the beads along, for that satisfying clink.

There is a special way of using Komboloi, moving one bead to the other, flipping the strand, and it's this action and resulting clicking noise that is reported to help relieve tension. You can watch them being used here and instruction on how to use them here.

How to Make Komboloi - Greek Worry Beads

We picked up some cording and beads at our local craft store and made our own worry beads. Traditionally, the number of beads is one more than a multiple of 4 (for example 17 beads - 4x4+1) and the strand often ends in a tassel.
All you need are beads (in this case 17) and cording. Pea and Elle also chose contrasting beads as the fixed bead.
String the 17 beads along a length of cording, ensuring it is long enough to give it some slack and attach a tassel - these beads are beaded onto the cording prior to cutting it.
Tie a knot giving the beads approximately 1/2 inch of slack. String the contrasting bead or beads along both ends of the cording, leaving the ends open to later attach the tassel.
Make a tassel: Cut lengths of cording at twice the length you want the tassel to be (because the cording will be folded in half). For this tassel, 8 pieces were cut at about 5" long. One extra piece was cut to bind the tassel (9 pieces of cording total).
Source: www.mariespastiche.com
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