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December 26, 2016
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Once upon a time, it was considered insane to compete against eBay. If you sold custom-made goods like clothes or jewelry, you sold at flea markets on weekends, and eBay the rest of the time. The idea that anyone would shop anywhere else for your handmade merchandise was silly.

But anyone who’s shopped on eBay knows how tough it can be to find certain goods. A search for “vintage t-shirt” may turn up more than 300, 000 results, very few of which are either vintage or t-shirts. As a merchant, sellers find themselves competing with a huge number of competitors, ranging from junk resellers to mass producers peddling knockoffs.

Sensing an opportunity, Etsy launched quietly in 2005 and has carved out its own little empire in the form of an alternative marketplace devoted to the sale of handmade (and vintage) items only. Without all the riff-raff, sellers have a better opportunity to stand out-and hopefully make more sales.

While it’sWith more than 300, 000 t-shirts for sale, what are the chances an eBay customer will find the one you have for sale? quite large, Etsy’s 12.3 million listings are dwarfed by eBay’s 300 million. In the relatively small realm of homemade and vintage sales, however, Etsy has become a juggernaut in its own right-and is attracting competition of its own. For now, though, Etsy remains considerably larger than all its major competition combined.

We looked at five marketplaces-both big and small-for sellers of homemade, handcrafted, and vintage items. Here’s how they measure up, and which ones are where you might consider offering your personally carved tiki idols and handmade bridal veils to the masses. And don’t forget: No rules prevent you from cross-listing items on several sites-you don't have to choose just one.

The 5 Best Online Marketplaces for Selling Handmade GoodsEtsy

Etsy has the longest track record for selling handmade goods online.If you’re a crafter, Etsy should need no introduction. More than 875, 000 merchants run shops on the site, with 12.3 million products available at any one time. Visit Etsy, and you’ll find getting around is pretty easy. A list of major categories (Candles, Quilts, Geekery) runs down the left rail, while a selection of hand-picked, curated items can be found in an ever-evolving grid on the home page. Listings are clean and easy to understand, and shipping costs are clear and visible. A variety of checkout systems are supported, including Etsy’s newest, homegrown payment processing option. And if you want to go mobile, Etsy has both an iPhone app and a Web-optimized version of the site ready.

Etsy has set the bar for what is and isn’t allowable for sale on most sites for handmade goods, and most of the sites we looked at follow Etsy’s lead pretty closely. Merchandise falls into three main categories: handmade items, vintage items, and crafting supplies that can be used to make items in the first category. While it’s not a major focus of the site, food sales are also allowed (consisting primarily of cookies).

Etsy is the only site in this roundup to charge listing fees, but at a flat 20 cents per item, they aren’t significant unless you’re selling very inexpensive merchandise. When the sale is complete, Etsy collects an additional 3.5 percent commission.

The bottom line: Etsy is clean and easy to use, and it’s obviously beloved by both shoppers and sellers. If you’re selling handmade merchandise, you almost certainly need to be on Etsy.

Source: www.pcworld.com
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Jewelry Handmade
Handmade Jewelry for sale
Handmade Jewelry for sale
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