Free Jewelry making Patterns

February 14, 2017
Felt Cuff Free Jewelry Making

Everything you ever wanted to know about jewelry-making supplies, beads, beading, and more! You'll find inspirational design ideas, answers to jewelry-making questions from leading experts in the field, project tutorials, thousands of event listings, and the latest colors and styles. It's all here in one, easy-to-use resource.

Create elegant designs using baseline techniques and staple jewelry-making products resulting in "classy jewelry that anyone can make." Showcase jewelry pieces by internationally known designer-artists such as Gulten Dye are inspired by current and upcoming trends for a look that's new and fresh.

Find out what's hot in fashion accessories. The Fire Mountain Gems and Beads Style Team works closely with the world's leading trend analysis service to identify style how-to's for accessorizing and pulling together your own fashionable look.

Get fresh ideas from thousands of fashionable jewelry pieces. Use the zoom feature to view design details of necklaces, bracelets and earrings made with supplies from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads.

Have a jewelry-making question? We're here to help! Submit your question to leading industry experts or search previously answered questions.

Discover the answers you've been looking for with the EncycloBEADia® Resource Expert advice on beads and jewelry-making, a dictionary of industry-terms, gemstone information, beading articles and more!

Look through our beading patterns, projects and how-to's to find your next project or a way to add a new technique to your existing designs.

Gallery of DesignsThese featured designer-artists represent a range of artistic styles, all offering inspiration to others. Their biographies tell the stories of how they turned their passions into thriving successes.

Expand your jewelry-making skills with how-to videos from the Fire Mountain Gems and Beads Studio. Ideal for jewelry-making classes, many of the videos are accompanied by FREE printable step-by-step instructions, beading patterns and materials lists.

Give the latest bridal fashions your personal touch — wedding jewelry, bridal accessories and personalized wedding gifts made easy.

Explore the many ideas of the sparkling elegance of Swarovski crystal. Be inspired by the vast array of resources and projects that we offer here, courtesy of Swarovski.

"Uniting the world, one bead at a time" is something we're proud to put into action. Join us in making a difference.

The Events Directory is a one-stop source for information on beading events. Fire Mountain Gems and Beads provides this directory as a service for our beading and craft communities.

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free crochet jewelry crochet jewelry making crochet wire ...
Jewelry Making Patterns
Jewelry Making Patterns
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