Make Jewelry at Home for a company

November 8, 2016
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Sell your jewelry pieces at arts and crafts fairs.Sell your jewelry pieces at arts and crafts fairs.

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If you're skilled with the talent to create casual, classic or extravagant jewelry pieces, consider using your pieces to generate an income. Start a jewelry making business and offer a selection of rings, bracelets, necklaces or brooches. Give your business a name that will attract the attention of your target market, register it with your state or local office and begin building a profitable, creative business.

Pick Niche

Jewelry making covers a wide variety of styles and pieces. Decide which niche best represents the types of pieces you create, so that you can create a profile of your target market. You may elect to create pieces for brides-to-be, bohemian-inspired jewelry, children's jewelry or pieces that are ideal for the office.

Select Vendors And Suppliers

Carefully select vendors and suppliers for your jewelry making business. Whether you make your pieces out of hemp, beads or genuine stones, it’s important to work with vendors and suppliers who understand and are willing to meet the needs of your jewelry making business. Ensure that they offer a wide selection of materials, in a variety of styles and at affordable prices. Ensure that they ship materials in a timely fashion and that your packages arrive safely with no damage done to your jewelry making supplies. Search for vendors who offer volume discounts so that you can buy staple pieces in bulk.

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Offer At-Home Parties

Connect with customers who have purchased your jewelry in the past, or individuals who have showed interest in your pieces, and invite them to host jewelry parties in their homes. Ask hostesses to invite their friends, family members and colleagues to their homes, or local community centers, for a jewelry showing. Display your pieces; discuss the materials you use and the process you follow. Make yourself available to answer questions and take orders. Offer customers the option of purchasing pieces you’ve already crafted or working with you to create a custom design. Offer incentives, such as free or discounted merchandise, to people who sign up to host parties to help you promote your jewelry making business.

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Making Jewellery At Home
Making Jewellery At Home
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